A STORM of protest has erupted lowing the release of CRUS Jack The Ripper computer game. The цате, which features pictures of tly mutilated women, has re


CI Software contracts... О Sound check in Japan О Kenn Garroch O Interfacin O Listings..

cently received an '18' certificate from the British Board Of Film Classification.

Conservative MP Harry Green- way has lashed out at CRL and said, "This game should immedi ately be confiscated by the police

Greenway Was both appalled and sickened when informed that one scene in the game shows a picture of a near-naked woman lying dead in a pool of blood.

Clement Chambers, 23 year old chairman of CRL, said "People are used to horror and are interested in it. Jack The Ripper is something. that by having explicit details in it adds а whole new dimension" he continued.

By receiving an '18' certificate, Jack The Ripper is subject to certain laws as who it can be sold to

Chambers isn't too concerned that under 18's may see the game, however. "Im not particularly

worried. If you think I stay up all night worrying about it, then no. Dealers know they can't sell to persons under 18 as there is a sticker saying this on the packa- girig" he said.

Apparently the only warning

dealers have about the nature of ihe game is on the packaging. Electronic Arts, CRL's distributors, didn't realise the game was of a strong nature. John Forrest, a Director of EA aid: "We knew it would be certi fied, but 1 thought it was in the same genre as other releases, so we have not really informed dealers in. any major way

According to a spokesman for The Home Office; "any dealer sell- ing the product to under 18's could. face legal action and face a fine up. to $200

If the product is sold by mail order, then a declaration would have to be signed by the purchaser

stating that they are 18 or over

Would any police aetion be tak- en? "We're not aware of the com- puter game and cannot comment", а spokesperson for Scotland Yard said.

Ken Penry, Deputy Director of ‘The British Board Of Film Classifi- cation said the game received an 18° certificate for two reasons. "There is one particular graphic picture of a woman and also there Ís a passage in the dialogue which meant the game had to receive an 18' certificate

Chris Paradine, research assis: tant for Jo Richardson, the Labour Party Spokesperson on women, said "I would call this pornograph- іс material This is part of a complex syndrome of trivialising and de. grading women and perpetuating sexist stereotypes, ambers himself said, “This game isn't sexist"

Data Protection Act in force

THIS WEEK the final element of. the Data Protection Act came into Torce, giving you the right to see personal data that is held on computer files

The storing of personal informa- tion on computers has always had а ‘Big Brother Is Watching You menace about it.

Among those who receive confi dential data are banks’ employers and schools, and if the information they have is inaccurate, the sub- jec's life coud! be seriously affected.

Sarah Spencer, General Secre- tary for the National Council of Civil Liberties (NCCL) gave a case. example. "A former employee of ап international ой company was blacklisted because they thought he was a communist. Although he

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CBM 64



NEWS DESK.. ..1-8 Furore over Jack The Ripper continues... Data Protection Act comes into full effect. ... Amiga owners plagued by Virus hackers


Francis Botto explains the finer implications of the Data Protection Act, and asks who will it protect?


GAMES... . 15-24 ‘Two Games of the Week this week - Defender of the Crown on the C64, and Elite on the PC. Also RISK, Inspector Gadget, Spellbinder, Driller, Leviathan, Travel Game, Mean Streak and Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Simulator

Әу с sicnor л

David King reviews the new C compiler for the Archimedes


David Lester offers advice and warnings to any programmers starting to hawk their wares round the software houses


Mark Jenkins reports from Tokyo on Yamaha's 1988 product. range

KENN GARROCH.. .34, 35

ON THE LATCH... .31, 38

[епп Garroch continues his series on interfacing with advice бл decoding with the 280 processor

LISTINGS... 39-41


Malcolm Arnold on the question of violence

he mystery surrounding the Virus Amiga program looks

Ке being a sad re-run of Commodore's “Crisis? What crisis?" attitude to the A500 grey imports affair during the summer. Then, as now, a situation arose which was affecting large numbers of Amiga owners who had paid good money - for а machine, Then, as now, it appeared that many of them ran into a problem without warning and about which they had no idea what to do. Then, as now, it came to light not through any public statement by Commodore, but from members of the public. And then, as now, Commodore surveyed the situation from a position of majestic inactivity. This is not good enough.

‘The pages of this magazine have been littered all too often in the past with stories of firms not keeping faith with their customers. All too often the simple truth has had to be restated - computers are not cheap, and customers have a right to expect much greater support from manufacturers in situations such as this.

Of course it may be that, as a Commodore spokesman suggested, that someone is pulling our collective leg, in which сазе you can expect three lines at the bottom of an inside page in next week's issue by way of grovelling apology.

But what if we are right and Commodore is wrong? Commodore will then be in the unenviable position of not only failing to respond quickly enough to а serious situation, but compounding that failure by dismissing it as а hoax. We аге confident that our readers will be the arbiters in this case, as in many others and that they will prove the truth or otherwise of this extraordinary tale. In the event of it being true, we and they shall expect immediate action from Commodore to rectify matters.

H: we go again. CRL's Jack The Ripper has got all the Dis-

gusteds from Tunbridge Wells and beyond crawling out of

the woodwork. Once again, a software house has won masses of cheap, if not free, publicity by using the oldest trick іп the book - shock horror. Once again the press - Popular Computing Weekly is no exception - has played along and once again the feminist lobby has found itself in bed, so to speak, with the hang 'em and flog 'em brigade.

There are two ways for the public and the computer industry to eradicate shoxploitation. One is obviously for the public not to buy it and to purchase other titles instead. In the case of games which are in any case good to play, that is maybe too much to expect.

But another way is for the rest of the computer software in- dustry to use a little - pardon the word - inventiveness. What is so difficult about dreaming up other ways of making games attractive to the public, other ways of promoting them, so that. software houses won't be tempted to appeal to the lowest common denominator? This kind of thing is, let's face it, more tiresome and boring than actually shocking. If the purveyors of this kind of product won't grow up of their own accord, maybe it's time the rest of us set them an example,

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19-25 NOVEMBER 1987



MYSTERY last week surrounded a program which is corrupting discs and data held by increasing mumbers of Amiga users

According to Yuri Large, of the Amiga User's Club, the Virus pro- gram was initiated by the Sean navian Cracking Association (SCA) to outdo all the other cracking groups.

SCA created Virus by producing a program which writes itself onto the RAM and then infects every dise which subsequently. comes into contact with it. Having put the program on all the games it had cracked, the SCA then passed them to its contacts and so Virus read. But Commodore appeared not to be taking the matter seriously Amanda Cridge, marketing man- ager for Commodore UK, dis missed Virus as a hoax saying, “ls like something out of a

science fiction boom"

Large is adamant that it does exist. "I is quite a big thing. We've had a batch of software go down and it's been on the machines in our shops. Now we won't let any one we don't know put their discs. into our machines."

In addition Alan Hubbard of Dimension Computers, Leicester, informed us that Virus had sud- denly appeared on his machines, He had no idea what had caused it.

"Im completely in the dark about it" he said. "There was suddenly a message on the screen saying, "Your Amiga is Alive"

At the moment, Large thinks it is predominantly Amiga pirates who are contracting Virus, retribu. tion for their illicit dealings, one might say

Sooner or later, legitimate users will be on the receiving end, unless the infection сап be eradicated

Despite the mystery surround- ing Virus, Large explained that it was very easy to get rid of, “Turn off the machine for a minute to allow the memory to clear and then use a Virus killer on each of your dises." Virus killer was de- vised by hackers in the U.S. but is available in Britain for $3.50.

While Large maintains that al- most every Amiga user has heard about or seen Virus, Commodore remains unconcerned.

Another Commodore U.K. spokesman stated that Virus was a little too similar to the AIDS epi- demic to be taken seriously. He added, "I think someone is pulling

@ Whenever you switch on an Amiga you need to insert а boot disc which contains basic informa- tion about the initial set-up - screen colours, stack space and

Amiga plague mystery

во forth.

‘The boot sector is 512 bytes long and loads very quickly. Some strik- ing programs have been written in this sector, including graphics de- mos, stunning sound tracks - and now Virus.

А system booted with a Virus disc looks like any other, but the program sits there silently waiting for more dises to be inserted and then writes itself to them,

Each time a Virus disc is booted it counts, writing a number back to the boot sector. After a while there _ is a random delay before th machine crashes. A message ap" pears to say ‘Something wonderful has happened - your Amiga is alive

The usual three-key reset does not kill Virus. It sits there marking time and corrupting the next di inserted. The only way to kill it is a full power-off re-set,

NEXT WEEK Tynesoft is releasing its new winter sports’ simulation game, Winter Olympiad 755

ions get underway у in Cal- gary, Canada, Tynesoft believe the game will successfully capture the atmosphere of such an event.

Available free with the game is a booklet with an introduction written by David Vine. One of television's leading sports’ com: mentators, Vine has been associat- ed with the Winter Olympic Games. for the last twenty years.

In addition, those who buy the game can enter a competition to win a holiday to the Games in February. The closing date for this will be 30th January, 1088.

The game will cost $7.95 on cassette for Spectrum, Amstrad, CI6/Plus 4, and 59.05 for Commo- dore 64, Atari XL/XE, BBC/Elec- tron. On disc, it will retail at 814.95 for BBC/Master Compact, Atari XL/XE and $19.95 for Amiga, Atari ST and IBM.

Winter Olympics game to offer holiday in Canada

Winter Olympiad introduction by sports commentator, David Vine

Elite plans

Elite Software last week eom- pleted plans for its 1988 product range - involving a 120 per cent increase in programming capacity, їп a statement the company also emphasised moves it has recently taken towards expansion of its software activities, including: MOVING its administration to Lichfield, thereby freeing (һе whole of its Aldridge offices for use as a software development centre; APPOINTING George Yapp as soft- ware development manager, Niki Penny as brand manager for the Loriciels product range, and Geoff Grimes as marketing manager, thus freeing sales manager Ber- nard Dugdale to spend more time ‘with customers; STRENGTHENING its software team by adding three additional supervisors to the management, an. BUYING Durell.


19-25 NOVEMBER 1987

The cute computer show

By Peter Worlock

WHILE the rest of the world is preoceupied with the burning is- ‘sues of the day - where is 08/2? is the Amiga better than the ST? should 1 buy an Amstrad PC or someone else's?, Macintosh owners. quietly continue their love affair with the cute computer and Apple continues to rake in the millions.

Tosay that Apple is doing things its own way is a massive under- statement and nowhere was this more evident than at last week's MacUser Show at North London's Business Design Centre.

‘The Business Design Centre and the Mac might have been made for each other, sharing that "very designer" appearance. Not for the Mac the soulless caverns of Olym- pia, nor the every day feel of some anonymous city hotel

Once you had gained entrance to this hallowed ground, the first impression was bewildering to any. hardened show-goer, For one thing there was near silence - no throb- bing soundtracks booming from neon-lit stands; for another there were no thronging masses barging down crowded aisles. Instead there was a cool, unhurried elegance, like a Palace garden party organ- ised by the marketing department.

But there was new product, and а Jot of it. Some was newer than others: Ashton-Tate was showing

Pirate launch

THIS WEEK budget company, rate Software, launched their first Spectrum +3 compilation.

The new label is called Pirate 343 and is priced at $0.95. Leigh Richards, Pirate Publishing Man- ager, explained, “Instead of paying for games on separate discs, we are offering the consumer the chance to buy three on one;

The first titles available on Pirate 3+3 are Сай Me Psycho, Holiday in Sumaria and Smash Ош, all of which were previously available for the Spectrum 48/128K.

dBase Mac, a full year after its debut sort of Star Trek of the business world), but the company insists that the software is ready this time. It is more or less exactly what you'd expect: all the features of dBase on the PC, coupled with the Мас windows, menus and mouse-driven control

There was a second new con- tender in Mac databases in the orm of 4th Dimension, distributed in the UK by User Power Software. Preliminary reports are good, but at 5645 it would have to be good.

Meanwhile, Blyth Software, Пу- ing the flag for Britain, was pulling. the crowds (using "crowd" in its loosest sense). Its Omnis 3 pro- gram has established a virtual monopoly in the area of serious data management on the Mac and Ashton-Tate may have taken 12 months too long in bringing dBase to the Mac market.

Not surprisingly, desktop pub- lishing products abounded with laser printers, scanners and big screens coming at you from all sides. DTP software continues to be a cut-throat race for suprema- ty. Quark Xpress, a highly praised newcomer, drew a lot of attention, While marketleader Aldus an- mounted Pagemaker version 3. This is Aldus’ response to Ready- SetGo version 3, but sneaking up оп the blind side, Letraset an. nounced RSG vers

Apple itself brought two new products to the show Multifinder and Hypercard. The first is a new Mac operating system which offers. limited multitasking but is claimed to be compatible with existing software. Hypercard defies de-

The Macintosh Plus improved speed, storage and peripheral expandibiy

scription and is really a new cate- gory of software: part operating system, part programming lan- guage for people who can't pro- gram, part freeform database, part graphics paint program, part Side- kick lookalike, and some of just about everything else you can think of.

One noted Macintosh observer has said Hypercard will be recog- nised as a milestone in the history of computing. 1 can't help feeling


it's much more important than that, but you'll have to see it for yourself

One for the Dear Santa Depart- ment take а Mac П, add Super- mac's Spectrum graphics board and its 18-ineh colour monitor and you've got a commercial graphics workstation. The system gives you а 68020 processor, megabytes of ВАМ, 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, and 256 colours from a pallette of millions. Not much change from 310000 though.

On a more accessible scale, there was a Mac version of BBC Basic, Borland showed the latest versions of Sidekick and Turbo Pascal, and like Canute trying to hold back the tide, HSV Computer Services fought for that old com- puter show feel by flogging dis- count discs, printer ribbons and boxes of paper.

By any standards the MacUser Show has to rank as a success, not least in the sense that it demon- strated the Mac's victory - against all the odds - in establishing itself as а serious rival to the IBM PC standard.

But 1 couldn't escape the feeling that in achieving that success, Apple has lost something along the way - a sense of fun, pethaps, or the spirit of adventure. These may not be valuable commercial assets, but I've always thought they were the computer industry at its best,

Joint BBC Micronet venture for charity

ON NOVEMBER 27th, the BBC's Children In Need appeal will be broadcast and, with the aid of information technology, you can be part of it.

Micronet, the magazine similar to Oracle, will once again be pro- viding an on line service. With eight computer terminals at the BBC TV Centre, it will enable you to pledge money, talk to celebrities and bid in the auction of computer products, Last year, contributions to the auction included $4500 of Acorn RISC hardware, computers from Atari and Commodore and various modem, peripheral and software donations.

Executive Producer of Children In Need, Mark Patterson said: “The BBC is always interested їп using new technology, and we are delighted with the success of the on-line Children In Need appeal organised by Micronet.”

Normally only available to its 20,000 subscribers, Micronet will be opening up its systems to Pres- tel users so that more people сап access the appeal. In addition, it has linked up with ITEC, which has 150 information technology centres throughout Britain.

Such a move will allow anyone. to take part in the programme if they go to their nearest ITEC

Terry Wogan will present the Children in Need Appeal

centre and log into Micronet. Vie Taylor, a Director of the ІТЕС5 commented: "The ITECs are all about introdi new technology to, the public at large, and on-line Children In Need is an ideal way to do that.”

19-25 NOVEMBER 1987



THE SPIDER and The Fly is not an exciting new computer game but two alarms designed to protect home and office equipment. Released by ABA Systems, both

alarms are compact and unobtru- sive and react to fingertip touch or the slightest movement by emit- ting a high-pitched 98 decibel scream.

The Spider is a central alarm box with four sensorised tentacles which are attached to equipment by double-sided adhesive pads. It is

To catch a thief

suited for clusters of equipment or those consisting of more than one element, such as disc drives and printers. An advantage of this alarm is that normal working use will not activate it. The Spider will retail at $39.95, excluding VAT. The Fly is similar in size to The Spider but since it does not have any tentacles, it is aimed more at single items. Once set, the alarm will be activated by the slightest movement. The Fly is priced at $20.95,

ADVENTURE '87, the Second Na- tional Computer Adventurers’ Con: vention will take place next Satur day at the Sutton Civic Centre, Sutton, Surrey.

The event is aimed at all levels of adventurers, from the single user to those interested in multi-


We owe an apology to Elite, In our. last edition it was suggested they were pulling out of computer software.

Clearly our sources of informa- tion were inaccurate. We have it directly from Elite themselves that in the financial year to July 1987 their turnover was up 65 per cent and their profits double the previ- ‘ous year to July 1986 (see separate story in News Desk).

The Spider, anti-theft alarm product from ABA Systems

Adventure '87

user games (MUG). The latter is a relatively new concept, originating from Essex University. The game enables а number of people to participate in the same adventure, if they have a computer, modem and telephone line. The most re- cent MUG is ‘Shades’ on Prestel's Micronet.

The convention will be the launching pad for a new MUG Federation IL There will also be seminars on the technical side of programming and software demon- strations of single-user adven- tures, some of which are in the play-test stage.

The Convention will start at 10 am and continue all day. Tickets are $2.50 on the door or $200 in advance from Mr. D. Wilkins, 21 Village Row, Mulgrave Road, Sut- ton SM2 6JZ Sae and cheque payable to Sutton Library Comput- er Club are required with orders.

Data Protection Act in force continued

denied this, he has since been unable to get work in any other major company and believes that inaccurate information is held on file about him.

The procedure for accessing your file involves writing to the Organisation concerned, stating that you wish to exercise your subject access right under the Data Protection Act”

According to Erie Howe, the Data Protection Registrar, any re- quest must be met within forty days. However, a subject may have to prove his or her identity, pro- vide more information to help locate the data and pay a 510 fee.

After forty days he or she can either apply to the Registrar or to the courts for access. Howe added that there was limited access in certain cases, for example ‘where it would be likely to prejudice the prevention or detection of crime’.

Whilst the Act is aimed at helping the public see their files, the NCCL believes the £10 fee will put many off.


was also unhappy

about other weaknesses of the Act, particularly its exclusion of man- ual files and the exemption clause. "Since most schools still keep pa- per files on pupils, it would mean that many people would still suffer аз a result of inaccurate informa- tion at this stage. In addition the tax file is exempt, so that people will not have the right to see poll tax information, which is collected from all sorts of sources.

So that the public becomes aware of their rights concerning computerised data, an advertising compaign has been launched and leaflets are available at the local library or Citizen's Advice Bureau. Spencer hopes that people “Ішу make use of the Act but indicate that jt was below the NCCL/s expectations, stating, "We will monitor it carefully and if it proves unsatisfactory, press for it to be extended.

Any further details on the Act is available from: The Office of the Data Protection Registrar, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 BAX; tel: (062

Epson scanner

EPSON is about to release an Image Scanner, giving desktop publishers the bonus of digitised bitmapped graphic versions of im,

The Scanner will be an option оп four of Epson's printers EX800/EX1000 (RRP 5180 ex-

АТ) and LQ2500/LQ2500 + ($195 ex-VAT). On the EX printers, the scanning speeds are 25 inches per second and on the LQs they аге 27 inches per second. Maximum read.

able areas are 11” x 8" (horizontal: vertical) on the ЕХІ000 and LQs and 6” x 8” on the ЕХЗОО.

It comes complete with scanning software and is suitable for all IBM PC-compatible machines. Thus us ers can integrate scanned graphics. with text from any word process- Ing or similar application, without paying a fortune for new software.

For further information, contact Epson (UK) Ltd, 388 High Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 6UH.

Scanning on Epson's printer



19-25 NOVEMBER 1987



ng and join in the fun at the Christmas Microfair. It's he biggest

gest market place іп the world for the whole trum machines, plus full QL support and bargain | HowTo «оте

| ow British Rail:

4 Victoria Station,

on sale all the new releases and lots of Bis Bale TIR. and ds Arrow 507


t printers, tables, monitors, dise

nd lots of new products

5 tes, discs, label. ғ SENDNOW DUCED 1


| Send to Mike Johnston (Organiser), Dept, S.U.. ZX l

з competitions and prizes MICROFAIRS, 71 Park Lane, London N17 0HG I sed bar Please send me. „advance tickets (Adults @ £1.50) | so Set lese ail (he reat | Please send me.........advance tickets (Child under 14 @ £1 “|

be yone enjoys the and you can always find | Name 25th sin | Address Why not send today for cut-priced advanced tickets. І

și addressed envelope and make o

= г ктт а on 01 801 9172 f | payabieto Mic

Exhibitors ring Mike or stand availablity





ovember 21

Wales and West Computer Show

Central Hotel, Cardiff.

Details: Regional computer show of particular interest to Dragon users

‘Tickets $1 adults, 50р children Organiser: R & A J Preston, (0656) 880965

November 28

Adventure 87

Europa Gallery of Sutton Civic Centre, Sutton, Surrey. 930-450 Details: National Computer Adventurer's Convention, Seminars and Workshops

Adults $2.50, 82.00 in advance from Mr D Wilkins, 21 Village Row, Mulgrave Road, Sutton

SM2 612.

Organiser: Vernon Quaintance, 50 Beattice Avenue, Norbury, London SW16 40N, evenings 01-764 6556



December 5.

6809 Colour Show

Grand Hall, Connaught Rooms, Gt Queen Street, London

Details: Show for Dragon and ‘Tandy owners

Tickets 52 adults, $1 children Organiser: John Penn, (04203) 5970

December 12 Christmas ZX Microfair New Horticultural Hall, London

st innovations for Sinclair users

Advanced tickets: $1.50 adults, 51 children

Tickets on the door: 51.50 children. Organiser: Mike Johnson, 01-801 9172

2 adults,

жыл ы = г




January 2 ‘The Amstrad Computer Show

‘The Great Hall, Alexandra Park, London

Details: Displays and demonstrations of all the latest hardware, software and peripherals for Acorn computers Adults 83, Under 16's $2 - $1 off for advance tickets

Organiser: Database Exhibitions, 061-456 8383

Prices, dates and venues of shows can vary, and you are therefore strongly advised to check with the show organiser. before attending. We cannot accept responsibility for any alterations to show arrangements.

Well with Duncan Evans, our usual Hotlines writer taking а well earned two week holiday in Ber muda, the job of writing this column has, again, landed on my desk.

‘The first game I managed to get my grubby little hands on this жеек had something really special going for it; it's free! Programmed by Wordmongers, it is given to all purchasers of 82K blank eproms for the 788. Using scrolling remi miscent of the ZX81, the game called Scrazble, is amusing, al though what it loses in gameplay it makes up for in price!

On the more serious side, screenshot of the week award oes to Magnetic Scrolls for Jinzter (above). I'm sure they're bored with people complimenting their same because of the quality of the

CHARTS Top Twenty

1 (8) Grand Prix Simulator 2 (1) doe Blade

3 (2) Soccer Boss

4 (12) Game Set Match

5 (6) Renegade

6 (6) Pro Ski Simulator

7 (NE) California Games

8 (11) World Class Leaderboard 9 (4) Indiana Jones

10 (8) BMX Simulator

H (8) Мау

12 (16) Fruit Machine Simulator. 18 (T) Back To The Future

14 (10) Paperboy

15 (18) Comp. Hits 10 Vol 4 16 (13) Live Ammo

17 (18) ATV Simulator

18 (20) Six Pak 2 ионына

20 (25) Bubble Bobble

All figures compiled by Gallup/Comy

Code Masters. Players Alternative Ocean Imagine.

Code Masters US Gold

Code Masters Code Masters Code Masters. Firebird Elite.

Beau Jolly ‘Ocean

Code Masters Hit Pak Palace Firebird

pater Trade Weekly

graphics. but let's face it, that is а pretty important part of any gra: phic adventure.

Available on almost every machine you have heard of, the game should be available in the mot to distant future.

Konami, the company with the rights to some of the best arcade games ever, are putting the finish-

ing touches to Salamander for the Spectrum (below). Based on the fabby J. Cook 1985) a game, Salamander promises to be опе of the best shoot-'em ups ever of the Speecy

As Salamander should be ready before Christmas, what I want to know is when th

are going Siart work on WEC Le Mans!) As а cricket fan 1, like man

others, got up at some ungodly hour to watch England give the World Cup to the Aussies, Whilst. dro my sorrows later, | had a

great idea for a game, We've had ter Shilton's Handball Mara. donna, what about Mike Gatting's reverse sweep giveaway???

You're probably sick of hearing about it, but а screenshot for Jack the Ripper just arrived on my desk. 1 must be honest here, I feel the game has gone a little too far, and that screens of women with their intestines hanging out ought m wed, whether or not | | they have an 18 certifi

Little has heard from | Í either Rainbird or Hewson about Braybrook /Turner dispute, so s hope that it has been settle amicably, it would be a pity not ti get any new games from these two because of the dispute,

Well, that's it for this week, МІ speed to you again next week, and | | Duncan will be returning the week after that (once he has his handi- сар down to six!)

Daniel McGrath


19-25 NOVEMBER 1987

FAN Ram Electronics (Fleet) Ltd


SRP SRP SPECTRUM cope (inc. VAT) AMSTRAD CPC 464/664 CODE (ine, VAT) ВАМ МК Interface 5001 £995 Music Machine Таре A001 54995 RAM Turbo: 5002 £1295 Music Machine Disk А002 55995 Music Machine 5003 54895 ‘Speech Syntn Rom. 2003 53995

Famprint 5004 £9495